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Your Architectural Project Brief

A common question asked by potential clients looking to renovate or build a new home is what type of information should I provide to an architect and when?

The initial briefing is the pivotal first step in the design process and your architect will meet with you to collect as much information about your needs as possible.  You should receive a return brief which is a document compiled by your architect which outlines their understanding of your requirements.  The return brief may be as flexible or prescriptive as you like.

Anton Kouzmin Architecture provide a detailed questionnaire followed by an in-depth briefing workshop where we aim to establish a thorough understanding of your aspirations for your project.

Practical considerations include outlining your expectations for what constitutes project success, your budget, confirming the decision makers, stakeholders and users.  

In addition to these pragmatic factors, we ask you about qualitative and emotional considerations such as; what you love about your existing home, favourite urban, landscape or interior spaces, how important is sustainability, how important is natural light, planting and ventilation or a place to work at from home, which materials and finishes do you prefer, do you socialise around an open kitchen or in the main living space and how important is it to capture a view or the garden from inside, how important is integrated technology or an outdoor space for the kids to play safely, how long do you intend to live in the house and how will this impact your budget? 

Obtaining the right information to form a rich and in-depth brief is key to the success of your project.  

Anton Kouzmin